Jim1This website exists to showcase my work.  I am a writer, author, and a singer/songwriter.  I have published several books, some under other pen names. The books are either non fiction or children’s book, including several coloring books!James Cochrane, EzineArticles Platinum Author

Along with announcements about my books I will be updating this site with my life experiences.  Hopefully, you will find them interesting.  To set your mind at ease, I have no intention of listing the mundane sequences that we all experience in life.  It’s not necessary for you to know that everyday at 6:00 AM I drink coffee.  Although, if I have tried a new blend and there is something noteworthy about that, I will be sure to give you that information as it could then be useful to you.  Perhaps you’ll want to try that blend yourself and the only way you’ll know about it is if I write about it.

In most cases, I will keep away from selling products.  However, there will be times when there is something particularly relevant about a problem and how it relates to the story that I am writing about.  It could be something that I have used myself or something that I have heard others mention and as a direct result, I will try to find out more about it.  In cases such as these, I may include a link to a vendor’s website in such a way that should you happen to buy using that link, I would be compensated for that.

Feel free to contact me.  I would love to hear from you.  Whether you want to know more about a particular book or you just have something you want to share, it would be great to hear it.  Just use the contact me form.  The only thing I ask is that you don’t spam the comments.  We get enough of that from people who either have little regard or are clueless.  Thank you for understanding.  I really appreciate it!