Welcome to my portfolio. I have over 5 years' experience as a freelance writer/author. I have written case studies, blog posts, books, ebooks, and white papers. My specialties are in the technology, finance, and marketing industries. Currently, I am available for your writing needs. 

Please see my contact info at the bottom of this page!

This page lists some of the work that I have done for clients. Please note, that I ghostwrite for several of my clients which means I am not at liberty to post in this section. However, the work that I have included will help you see my capabilities.

Data Science/Technology

Data Science Review - I maintain this website to help people looking to transition into the exciting career of data science.

 “Summary of OOTP Predictions to April 19.” Data Science Review, 19 Apr. 2019, https://datasciencereview.com/summary-of-ootp-predictions-to-april-19.

“OOTP Predictions for April 10 2019.” Data Science Review, 10 Apr. 2019, datasciencereview.com/ootp-predictions-for-april-10-2019.

“Using Dplyr in R to Subset Baseball Data.” Data Science Review, 23 Mar. 2019, datasciencereview.com/using-dplyr-in-r-to-subset-baseball-data.

“Solving Problems Leads to Success with Data Science.” LinkedIn, 24 Dec. 2018, www.linkedin.com/pulse/solving-problems-leads-success-data-science-james-cochrane/.

“Don't Go Into Data Science for the Money.” Data Science Review, 18 Dec. 2018, datasciencereview.com/dont-go-into-data-science-for-the-money.

 “Don't Fear The Kaggle!” Data Science Review, 3 Dec. 2018, datasciencereview.com/dont-fear-the-kaggle.

“Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Hypothesis Test? – James Cochrane – Medium.” Medium.com, Medium, 28 Nov. 2018, medium.com/@datasciencereviews/whos-afraid-of-the-big-bad-hypothesis-test-252cc9cf6c03.

“Why R Programming Will Become Your Go To Language.” Experts Exchange, 1 Nov. 2017, www.experts-exchange.com/articles/31125/Why-R-Programming-Will-Become-Your-Go-To-Language.html.


Financial Markets Education - this website is dedicated to helping people learn more about financial markets.

“Why Dividend Stocks Can Be Safer” Financial Markets Education, 17 Feb. 2020,

“Understand the Drivers for Growth of Your Companies” Financial Markets Education, 29 Oct. 2019,

“Analyzing Financial Data Using Google Sheets” Financial Markets Education, 29 Oct. 2019, https://financialmarketseducation.com/analyzing-company-financial-data-using-google-sheet

“You're Over 50 and Haven't Saved? Is There Still Time?” Reach Financial Independence, 24 Apr. 2019, reachfinancialindependence.com/youre-over-50-and-havent-saved-is-there-still-time/.

“Is Every Item You Own Considered an Asset?” Financial Markets Education, 24 Apr. 2019, financialmarketseducation.com/is-every-item-you-own-considered-an-asset.

“Should Young People Take More Financial Risks?” Financial Markets Education, 13 Mar. 2019, financialmarketseducation.com/should-young-people-take-more-financial-risks.

“Setting Expectations with Options Trading.” Financial Markets Education, 29 Nov. 2018, financialmarketseducation.com/setting-expectations-with-options-trading.

“Buying a Stock Means Owning a Company.” Financial Markets Education, 26 June 2018, financialmarketseducation.com/buying-a-stock-means-owning-a-company.

“Opinion: Never Let a Robot Choose Your Investments.” Real Daily - Breaking News and Opinion on Cryptocurrencies and Alternative Investments, Real Daily, 2 Apr. 2018, realdaily.com/opinion-never-let-a-robot-choose-your-investments/.

“The Stages of Foreclosure.” HubPages, HubPages, 4 May 2018, hubpages.com/money/The-Stages-of-Foreclosure.

“Before You Accept a Debt Forgiveness Deal... – James Cochrane – Medium.” Medium.com, Medium, 7 Nov. 2016, medium.com/@jamescochrane_25301/before-you-accept-a-debt-forgiveness-deal-3ec38b6b5aa9.

“What Are Financial Options?” HubPages, HubPages, 28 Jan. 2014, hubpages.com/money/What-Are-Financial-Options.


Get Paid Boot Camp - a blog dedicated to helping people learn about legitimate online businesses.

“How To Become A Content Writing Master.” HubPages, HubPages, 22 Jan. 2019, hubpages.com/business/How-To-Become-A-Content-Writing-Master.

"One Tip for Guaranteed Traffic.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 19 Apr. 2019, getpaidbootcamp.com/this-1-tip-will-get-you-guaranteed-traffic/.

“Give Yourself a Raise.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 25 Feb. 2019, getpaidbootcamp.com/imagine-if-you-could-give-yourself-a-raise/.

“Why I Recommend Starting an Affiliate Business.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 6 Sept. 2018, getpaidbootcamp.com/why-i-recommend-starting-an-affiliate-business/.

“Getting Relevant Traffic to Your Finance Website – James Cochrane – Ezine Articles.” EzineArticles.com, 28 Sep. 2017, http://ezinearticles.com/?Getting-Relevant-Traffic-to-Your-Finance-Website&id=9801111.

Script for Sales Video - How to Catch a Wealthy Lover - YouTube

Publishing & Research

“Taming The Online Research Beast: Overcome the Challenges of Finding Information Online - Kindle Edition by James Cochrane. Reference Kindle EBooks @ Amazon.com.” Amazon, Amazon, 6 Feb. 2014, www.amazon.com/Taming-Online-Research-Beast-Information-ebook/dp/B00IB0AJRU.

Case Studies

Domino's Pizza - Summarized and Watermarked upon request from client.

Contact Info

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