Welcome to my portfolio. I have over 5 years' experience as a freelance writer/author. I have written case studies, blog posts, books, ebooks, and white papers. My specialties are in the technology, finance, and marketing industries. Currently, I am available for your writing needs. 

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This page lists some of the work that I have done for clients. Please note, that I ghostwrite for several of my clients which means I am not at liberty to post in this section. However, the work that I have included will help you see my capabilities.

Data Science/Technology

Data Science Review - I maintain this website to help people looking to transition into the exciting career of data science.

 “Summary of OOTP Predictions to April 19.” Data Science Review, 19 Apr. 2019, https://datasciencereview.com/summary-of-ootp-predictions-to-april-19.

“OOTP Predictions for April 10 2019.” Data Science Review, 10 Apr. 2019, datasciencereview.com/ootp-predictions-for-april-10-2019.

“Using Dplyr in R to Subset Baseball Data.” Data Science Review, 23 Mar. 2019, datasciencereview.com/using-dplyr-in-r-to-subset-baseball-data.

“Solving Problems Leads to Success with Data Science.” LinkedIn, 24 Dec. 2018, www.linkedin.com/pulse/solving-problems-leads-success-data-science-james-cochrane/.

“Don't Go Into Data Science for the Money.” Data Science Review, 18 Dec. 2018, datasciencereview.com/dont-go-into-data-science-for-the-money.

 “Don't Fear The Kaggle!” Data Science Review, 3 Dec. 2018, datasciencereview.com/dont-fear-the-kaggle.

“Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Hypothesis Test? – James Cochrane – Medium.” Medium.com, Medium, 28 Nov. 2018, medium.com/@datasciencereviews/whos-afraid-of-the-big-bad-hypothesis-test-252cc9cf6c03.

“Why R Programming Will Become Your Go To Language.” Experts Exchange, 1 Nov. 2017, www.experts-exchange.com/articles/31125/Why-R-Programming-Will-Become-Your-Go-To-Language.html.


Financial Markets Education - this website is dedicated to helping people learn more about financial markets.

“You're Over 50 and Haven't Saved? Is There Still Time?” Reach Financial Independence, 24 Apr. 2019, reachfinancialindependence.com/youre-over-50-and-havent-saved-is-there-still-time/.

“Is Every Item You Own Considered an Asset?” Financial Markets Education, 24 Apr. 2019, financialmarketseducation.com/is-every-item-you-own-considered-an-asset.

“Should Young People Take More Financial Risks?” Financial Markets Education, 13 Mar. 2019, financialmarketseducation.com/should-young-people-take-more-financial-risks.

“Setting Expectations with Options Trading.” Financial Markets Education, 29 Nov. 2018, financialmarketseducation.com/setting-expectations-with-options-trading.

“Buying a Stock Means Owning a Company.” Financial Markets Education, 26 June 2018, financialmarketseducation.com/buying-a-stock-means-owning-a-company.

“Opinion: Never Let a Robot Choose Your Investments.” Real Daily - Breaking News and Opinion on Cryptocurrencies and Alternative Investments, Real Daily, 2 Apr. 2018, realdaily.com/opinion-never-let-a-robot-choose-your-investments/.

“The Stages of Foreclosure.” HubPages, HubPages, 4 May 2018, hubpages.com/money/The-Stages-of-Foreclosure.

“Before You Accept a Debt Forgiveness Deal... – James Cochrane – Medium.” Medium.com, Medium, 7 Nov. 2016, medium.com/@jamescochrane_25301/before-you-accept-a-debt-forgiveness-deal-3ec38b6b5aa9.

“What Are Financial Options?” HubPages, HubPages, 28 Jan. 2014, hubpages.com/money/What-Are-Financial-Options.


Get Paid Boot Camp - a blog dedicated to helping people learn about legitimate online businesses.

“How To Become A Content Writing Master.” HubPages, HubPages, 22 Jan. 2019, hubpages.com/business/How-To-Become-A-Content-Writing-Master.

"One Tip for Guaranteed Traffic.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 19 Apr. 2019, getpaidbootcamp.com/this-1-tip-will-get-you-guaranteed-traffic/.

“Give Yourself a Raise.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 25 Feb. 2019, getpaidbootcamp.com/imagine-if-you-could-give-yourself-a-raise/.

“Why I Recommend Starting an Affiliate Business.” Get Paid Boot Camp, 6 Sept. 2018, getpaidbootcamp.com/why-i-recommend-starting-an-affiliate-business/.

“Getting Relevant Traffic to Your Finance Website – James Cochrane – Ezine Articles.” EzineArticles.com, 28 Sep. 2017, http://ezinearticles.com/?Getting-Relevant-Traffic-to-Your-Finance-Website&id=9801111.

Script for Sales Video - How to Catch a Wealthy Lover - YouTube

Publishing & Research

“Taming The Online Research Beast: Overcome the Challenges of Finding Information Online - Kindle Edition by James Cochrane. Reference Kindle EBooks @ Amazon.com.” Amazon, Amazon, 6 Feb. 2014, www.amazon.com/Taming-Online-Research-Beast-Information-ebook/dp/B00IB0AJRU.

Case Studies

Domino's Pizza - Summarized and Watermarked upon request from client.

Contact Info

James Cochrane

Phone: (845) 237-2616