Take Me Out to the Ball Game

If you are going to take me out to the ball game, you already missed your chance. At least, if you were going to take me to Japan for the season opener, you would have had to do this on March 20-21. No worries, though, as most teams will be starting their seasons on March 28.

Baseball Equipment

Speaking of which, I wrote a post on my data science review website about predicting games using the baseball simulator, Out of the Park. The post describes the assumptions I used in the predictions and lists the predictions the software generated.

As I state in the article, this is something I plan on maintaining throughout the season. The game updates in real time with the latest edition. This means that even if I miss a few days of simulations here or there, I can take up again after will little loss of continuity.

The simulator has predicted the World Series winners of the past two seasons. That is impressive. But, I would love to see how it performs throughout the year.

I won't write about every post I write on my data science blog. However, I will update this blog to report how the simulator is doing from time to time. You can, of course, follow along on my data science blog if you want more frequent updates.

Overall, I think it'll be a fun experiment. Enjoy!

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