Three Words to Banish From Your Vocabulary

Think quick. What three words do you use all the time? You may think your three words are different from other people. But, it's not likely. When you learn what these three words are, you will confirm that you use them often.

I will let you in on what those words are later. I want to help you realize that you don't need them. You'll protest and say that you do. You'll find exceptions. Guess what? None of those exceptions will be valid. This I tell you from experience.

Stop Sign with Gas Mask 3 Words

I don't use the three words any more. When I first banished them, I thought my writing would suffer. It didn't. It got stronger. I write better by not using these words and so will you.

Imagine Writing Better 

You'll reach people with impact. How cool would that be? People will read what you write and think, wow. That was great! They won't know that you know this secret which is to eliminate three words from your writing. You should eliminate them from you speaking vocabulary, too. Trust me. You don't need them. Not ever!

If you create content, or have others do it for you, learning to omit these words is going to help your content creation efforts. I guarantee it. If someone else writes your content, you can flag them for using these words. Make it a rule that they aren't allowed to use them. If you do the writing, you'll find that you don't need to include these words.

I wrote an article on another website that describes the three words, so I won't repeat them here. I set up the link to open in a new window, so this page will be there after your finish reading the article.

Ready for the 3-Words?

Click on the button to the right to learn the 3-words you should remove from your vocabulary.

When you do return, I would love to hear what you thought about the article and the three words. Do you agree or feel that you use other words more? Tell me in the comments below!


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